Glade Logistics is providing a powerful network or manufactures, suppliers, and distributors. Whether you are a small DTC business or a global corporation, our network will allow you to optimize your supply chain.


Utilizing the power of blockchain, users will be able to access transparent and secure data that can have a tangible impact on their operations. Real-time analytics will help grow your existing network to meet customer demand.


Consumers expect their favorite products to be reliable, trustworthy, and available when they need them most. We offer a wide range of contingency plans to support the your operations when under pressure. Glade Logistics will increase your market share while supporting you in times of need.


We offer certificates of reliability for sustainably produced food & beverage products. With competition increasing, set yourself apart and gain consumer confidence by providing a fully transparent record from the time the product is produced to the time it is in your customers hands.


We are one of the only platforms that will allow end users to have access to the end-to-end process of how their products were produced and shipped. Increase the trust of your customers by allowing them to see the data.


One of a kind logistics application that will give 3PL operators brand new sources of liquidity.